may not be the craziest but here anything goes drama,tragicomedy, a story so crazy it will give us a lol sickness and what our imagination can do
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 new story i made

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PostSubject: new story i made   Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:23 am

just the start at first

The second Frontier stories:Unbreakable Bonds

I was sitting on a chair near the kitchen counter one hand holding my head up watching the T.V wandering what the second frontier was planning to do now it is summer my name is Jon Tiu but they call me JT or something else appearently i'm 13 anyways i was watching T.V then someone suprised me by just popping up from behind the kitchen counter and well due to the fact that i almost forgot it was 5:00 in the morning i would expect a ghost just popping out of nowhere scaring the #$%^ out of me i ould have expected that but rather than a ghost appearing...because it appeared 5 seconds before a normal ghost would have in scaring me
5:00 in the morning earlier...
me:*sipping on some juice watching T.V paying close attention to the T.V*
but i didn't notice that a certain someone sneaked behind the counter and....
???:"HEY!" *pops out of the counter*
me:"WHOAH! O.O" *accidentally tossing the cup backwards and well at the same tme fell backwards out of my chair*

30 minutes later...

me:*waking up...slowly* "uhhh...."
???:"hey uncle wake up.."
me:"what?" *opens eyes and sees Luna*

luna is well my niece she's actually one of my creations which i mostly care about she's about 12 yrs old but she still is a child at heart though

Luna:"you alright uncle jon?"
me:"err...ya" *gets up quickly and looks at her*
Luna:"you sure are easy to scare" *laughs a little*
me:"i know that" *gets up*
"what's with the sudden suprise anyway?"
Luna:"of course you remembered we were supposed to go with you to the festival down at isla de rocki" *smiles*
me:"festival...oh tha..." *sudden rememberance*
"uh oh"
Luna:"what is it"
me:*runs out of the living room and to the hallways* "BE RIGHT BACK!!"
Luna:"i knew it..he forgot...again"

well of course i wouldn't want to break a promise so....

me:*slams a door open* "CLIP!"

clip or eclipse was my first character i ever made and appearently sue to lacking of ideas i kinda made him from well 24 to well....12

clip:"what is it?" *sitting on chair near desk wearing glasses and reading a small book
me:"i need a teleportation card"
clip:*sighs* "let me guess you promised to bring luna to the fair but you can't since appearently you forgot the time you were supposed to wake up to be there at the start of the festival now your rushing just to get there in time before you actually miss something?"
me:"fine what do you want?"
clip:*closes small book and takes off glasses* "i need to borrow some files"
me:*sighs* "fine but you have to get the files from archives just tell him i let you"
clip:"and also.." *gets off chair and looks at me in the eyes* "leader comes with us"

Leader or Joseph which is his real name he's a small bug which seems to have his head on his body of the other way around or...i don't know but anyways he usually causes trouble by his idioticness he's a kid though but he sure does cause alot of trouble

Leader:*comes in the room and sees me and clip*
"hey guys i heard my name so...what's going on?"
clip:*looks at leader* "actually Jon thought of what he said and he said your coming with us too" *looks at me* "right?"
Leader:"really i'm coming?"
me:*sighs* "yes"
leader:"woohoo!!"*leaps into the air*
me:"but only if you don't cause trouble and always stay with luna got it?"
leader:"alright i could do that ^_^"

then someone comes and well...

???:"what's with all that racket!"
me:"archives you don't need to shout" =_='

archives was the person which i made to have all the files of everyone from the second frontier and also keeps records of what happens in diffrent worlds i assinged him to help me whenever i need some imfromation about things and also takes care of the last existing rocky manuals

clip:"hey archives i need some files to some certain things..."
archives:"alright clip i knew today was the day you would ask for it so..."
*takes out file from strap bag* "here"
*places file on desk and...* "if you'll excuse me"
*pushes me out of the door and leader walks out*
"please don't disturb me for now"
*slams door shut*
me:"and he didn't even give me the teleportation card yet" -_-'
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new story i made
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